Friday, June 07, 2013

A Jazzy Cover Gallery

Like many teenagers who were heavily into Silver Age Marvel Comics, I was blown away by the wonderful John Romita Sr.  Of course, I was first exposed to his work through his amazing (pun intended) run on Amazing Spider-Man.  I think one of the reasons I was attracted to his art was its similarity to Curt Swan.  They both had clean and concise styles that served their features well.  You could tell Romita did a lot of work for DC in the 1950's since you can see a little of their house style in his work.  He mostly did romance work for DC and you could tell since he drew arguably the most beautiful women in comics.  I think that's the reason I had him draw Mary Jane Watson in my copy of TwoMorrows' John Romita And All That Jazz hardcover book.
Through the wonderful Grand Comics Database, I've selected several of what I consider his best work during his heyday on Spidey in the 60's.  Of course all of his covers were sensational but these three stood out to me.

Another strip I really liked him on was Captain America.  He didn't draw too many covers or interiors but the ones he did stood out as only a Romita cover can.
He also drew Cap for two different Mighty Marvel Calendars in the mid 1970's.  This gorgeous piece of Cap and The Falcon is from the 1975 calendar.
And this beauty is from the awesome 1976 Mighty Marvel Bicentennial Calendar.  It's probably my favorite image in the whole calendar.
If you've never experienced the fantastic storytelling and draftsmanship of this comic master, then I suggest picking up any of the myriad Spider-Man reprint collections showcasing his 1960's run.  You won't be disappointed.

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Todd Franklin said...

Great post on my favorite comic artist! My favorite Romita cover is Amazing Spider-Man #50!