Friday, May 10, 2013

Coming Soon: Superman The Golden Age Omnibus Volume 1

I'm pretty pumped for June 11.  That's when DC Comics will release Volume 1 of Superman The Golden Age Omnibus.  It'll be 784 pages of Golden Age goodness, reprinting the very first adventures of the Man Of Steel from Action Comics #'s 1-31, New York World's Fair Comics #1, New York World's Fair Comics 1940, and Superman #'s 1-7.  I have all of these stories reprinted in the various Superman and Action Comics Archives but it'll be neat to see them reprinted in a bigger size and hopefully in good quality.  These various covers from this period should whet your appetite for this book.
Thanks again to the wonderful Grand Comics Database for the cover scans.  I think this book will definitely be money well spent.

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Kid said...

Suppose I'd better start saving up again.