Friday, March 15, 2013

Long Live The Legion!

The above comic, All New Collectors' Edition No. C-55 from 1978, featuring Superboy And The Legion Of Super-Heroes represented one of the turning points in my young comic collecting career.  It introduced me to the wonder of the Legion and I was hooked immediately.  I loved the variety of heroes and powers each member possessed and I liked science-fiction books so it was a no brainer that I'd like the Legion.  Mike Grell's art bowled me over and it was a thrill over 25 years later when I met him at a con and had him sign this replacement copy of one of my favorite comics (the original is coverless and missing pages from many hours of reading back then).
Of course, not soon afterward I got into the back issues of Adventure Comics that the wonderful Curt Swan drew back in the 60's.  I loved Swan's Superman and his Legion was just as good in my young (and old now) eyes.
After Swan many other notable artists tried their hand on the Legion, either through covers or interior work.  Guys like Neal Adams, Nick Cardy, and Joe Staton left their mark on the team with these beauties, among many other covers during this time.
My love of the Legion hasn't really dissipated through the years.  I still love poring through the Dave Cockrum and Mike Grell issues from the Bronze Age and I was really happy to see that DC Direct put out these great action figures of the original three members, Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, and Cosmic Boy.  They're like Curt Swan drawings come to life.
The above covers are courtesy of the always excellent Grand Comics Database.

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I can't remember if it was this issue or the other Legion tabloid that pulled me in, but our path to Legion fandom was the same. (I think it might have been the other one, because I have recollections of a Mordru reprint.) Anyway, this post hit close to home!