Sunday, January 06, 2013

Showcase Presents Two Cool Christmas Presents

I've been collecting DC's B&W Showcase reprint series for a few years now. They provide an inexpensive opportunity to read a lot of great Silver and Bronze Age stories that in some cases haven't been reprinted much through the years. For Christmas, I got two more great volumes of this series. First, thanks to my pal Neato Coolville, is this tome collecting the first adventures of the underwater dive team The Sea Devils.
Featuring fantastic art by the likes of Russ Heath, Irv Novick, and Bruno Premiani, this volume reprints Showcase #'s 27-29 and Sea Devils #'s 1-16. Heath's art really looks good in B&W and while the stories were sometimes kind of silly, the outstanding artwork more than made up for it. Russ Heath was one of the top four or five artists of the Silver Age in my opinion and this book shows you why. Thanks again NC! I also got the ironically titled Showcase Presents Showcase Volume 1 underneath the tree this year.
This volume reprints Showcase #'s 1-21, which features among other great stories the first appearances of the Silver Age Flash. Although I love those Flash stories, I was excited to read some of the other stories that haven't been reprinted much through the years, stuff like Russ Heath's Frogmen from issue #3 and multiple tales from the likes of The Challengers Of The Unknown, Adam Strange, Rip Hunter Time Master, and The Space Ranger. Showcase was one of the seminal titles of DC's Silver Age and I'm glad they're finally getting around to reprint the entire run. Hopefully there will be more volumes to come. I'll definitely be one of the first in line to get them!

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