Friday, January 18, 2013

Golden Age Cap Masterworks

While I've compiled a decent amount of DC Archive Editions, my sampling of Marvel Masterworks collections has been woefully inadequate. The last one I picked up was this great edition reprinting the first four issues of Simon and Kirby's greatest creation, the one and only Captain America. This book did a great job portraying the Star Spangled Avenger (before he was an Avenger obviously) and his patriotic boy sidekick Bucky's constant battle against America's enemies. Here are the covers for issues 2-4.
I always thought the individual splash pages for these issues were just as cool as the covers as these two splashes from the first two issues shows.
Finally, after all this great reading, I really wish I could have sent my dime off to get one of the great Sentinel Of Liberty pins. Unfortunately, they're worth a lot more than a dime now.
I had a great time digging through these Timely Golden Age goodies and I definitely recommend this and the other volumes of Cap's WWII adventures.

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Todd Franklin said...

Whenever I see the Sentinel of Liberty ad I get a little bummed because I had a mint kit years ago and sold it.