Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weird War Tales

In the 1970's DC Comics put out a lot of great supernatural related titles. My favorite one was Weird War Tales, which ran for 124 issues from 1971-1983. Featuring great cover art from DC war comics mainstays like Joe Kubert and other DC Bronze Age greats like Nick Cardy, Luis Dominguez, and Jim Aparo, Weird War always found the right creepy tone the creators intended. It was one of the first horror comics I ever read and it's still one of the top two or three horror books of the Bronze Age. These few covers are just an example of the top notch talent DC had at the time. I'm sure to no one's surprise, the Aparo cover to number 53 is my favorite. I hope Private Aparo didn't die too horribly.
The above issue introduced one of the coolest horror/war concepts DC ever came up with, the one and only Creature Commandos. As drawn by Kubert, they made this monster loving little kid really excited when this ish came out in 1980. If you're not familiar with this great book, DC's excellent Showcase Presents series is finally coming out with Weird War Tales Volume 1 on December 26th. Here's the link to order the one Christmas present every Bronze Age horror fan needs. As always, all cover scans are from the indispensible Grand Comics Database. For some more Halloween fun and ghoulish mayhem, check out my buddy Neato Coolville's always outstanding blog. He has great scans of classic horror books plus he's put together some fantastic desktop wallpapers featuring some of the classic horror covers of the Silver and Bronze Ages. His blog is a definite daily visit so head on over there right away.

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Todd Franklin said...

Pvt. Neal Adams is on the cover of #5!

Btw, thanks for the plug!