Sunday, August 12, 2012

Joe Kubert R.I.P.

I was devastated today to learn of the passing of one of the greatest practitioners of comic art. Joe Kubert was an influence on many, many artists and storytellers and was a master craftsman who excelled at pretty much everything he did throughout his 70+ year career. He was always one of my favorite artists and these gems are just a few of the reasons why. Covers from the Grand Comics Database.
I never got to meet him personally but a buddy of mine got the pleasure and had Joe sign the title page of one of the Sgt. Rock archive volumes for me.
I also wrote to him one time to tell him how much I admired his Fax From Sarajevo graphic novel. He signed my book and wrote me a little note which I cherish.
My greatest Kubert related item is this gorgeous Hawkman sketch he did for me when I bought his How To Draw From Life book. It's one of my favorite sketches.
There were no other artists like Joe Kubert. He was a great ambassador for the comic art medium and will be missed by many, many comic fans, including this one. R.I.P. Joe.


Todd Franklin said...

He was one of the greatest!


One of my favorites.Best Tarzan artist.