Monday, November 28, 2011

Star Wars Infantino Style

Like a lot of kids in the late 70's, I loved Star Wars and comics. So naturally I bought every issue of Marvel's Star Wars book that came out right after the movie. For a lot of those early issues, the legendary Carmine Infantino took care of the art chores, ably inked by Bob Wiacek. At the time, I couldn't stand the art. His style didn't mesh with George Lucas' universe in my nine year old mind. But now I really like it. Carmine was great at science fiction, as his stints on several of DC's sci-fi books in the 50's and 60's proved. This page depicting the Millennium Falcon taking on two TIE Fighters proves Carmine had the material down.
I've met both Carmine and Bob Wiacek at different cons and was lucky to get a Carmine style Darth Vader sketch from Bob.
These issues mean a lot to me. They're wonderful reminders of my two favorite things in childhood, comics and Star Wars.


Todd Franklin said...

I get nostalgic when I see Carmine's Star Wars stuff. Great post!

Tonebone said...

There's an awesome UK Infantino drawn star wars story that was reprinted in a US paperback... I believe it predates the post-movie adaptation material in marvel's series. The story involved Luke and Leia crashing on a remote planet with a Tie-fighter pilot. I can't remember what the paperback was called, but the story was great.

Glen Mullaly said...

I felt the same about Infantino's work as a kid. Although I was such a rabid SW fan I bought every issue new on the newsstand - I hated his work. I've since come to realize just how good his work was. I think to a kid the highly styled approach just didn't work (I prefered Mike Golden, or later, John Byrne) - as I also didn't like Kirby - despite him now being my favorite comic book artist of all time!