Saturday, October 29, 2011

Batman: Year One

The other day I watched the fantastic animated adaptation of Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli's seminal 1980's mini-series Batman: Year One. They captured the flavor of the book perfectly and it was almost identical to the actual comics. I really, really liked it. It made me want to dig out the comics. For some reason, I didn't buy the original issues when they came out. I think it was because they came out in the 2-3 period after Crisis On Infinite Earths when I stopped reading comics (I refer to them as the dark years). In 1989, I picked up a beautiful hardback book collecting Year One plus other Miller Batman classics like The Dark Knight Returns, Wanted: Santa Claus Dead Or Alive, and The Mark Of Batman. I reread these stories and was struck once again by how innovative and unique they were.
I was lucky enough to meet David Mazzucchelli at a convention in New York City in 2002 and told him how much I liked Year One and he was kind enough to do a quick sketch of the Dark Knight for me.
I really hope Warner Brothers Animation and DC continue to put out these great animated movies. They're turning out to be a lot better than the live action stuff they've put out in recent years.


Kid said...

I'm lucky enough to have this volume, as well as the hardback edition of 'Year One' on its own - plus the original comics.

Longmeadow Press (The publishers of the above collection featured in your post) also released a companion volume to it, entitled 'Stacked Deck', which was an expanded edition of 'The Greatest Loker Stories Ever Told'. It was bound in a similar manner, except the cover was purple.

Both of them look very nice on my bookshelf and are worthy additions to any collection.

vollsticks said...

Worth a few bob now, too!