Sunday, March 20, 2011

Detective Comics #357 November, 1966

Here's another Silver Age Batman gem from the great Broome, Infantino, and Giella team. I always liked Infantino's Batman. It was a great springboard from the 1950's style Caped Crusader to Neal Adams' more realistic 1970's Darknight Detective. This issue also has a cool Elongated Man backup story by Gardner Fox, Murphy Anderson, and Sid Greene.

Rounding out the book is this great ad for Hasbro's G.I. Joe club. The figures were immensely popular at the time and I'm sure the club was pretty successful. I believe the art is by Irv Novick. A clue is the partially obscured nametag. I think that was Irv's way of signing his name.

It's always fun to read the mid 60's DC's with the infamous go go checks on the covers. They're a Silver Age gas!


brad said...

That Infantino cover just pops, doesn't it? What comic reader could have resisted it?

Kid said...

Regarding G.I. Joe, the ads usually proclaimed that he had 21 movable parts. I've counted - he only had 20. What was the 'missing' part I wonder?