Sunday, September 05, 2010

Dazzler Vs. Galactus!

I've always got a kick of of Marvel's late 70's disco heroine Dazzler. She was definitely of her time but her book actually had a lot of pretty good stories and art. This particular issue, from December, 1981, is a good example of that. It has good cover and interior art by Frank Springer and Vince Colletta and the sheer notion of the Dazzler taking on the mighty Galactus makes me smile. This issue also has cool ads promoting the new Saturday morning lineups for NBC and CBS. There were a lot of cool cartoons coming out at the time. What choices for an eleven year old to make!

And who could resist ol' Greenskin's request to subscribe to your favorite Marvel mags for only $5 a year?

It was a great time to be a Marvel Maniac and this issue brings back a lot of good memories of that era.


Comics Bronze Age said...

Hey, Aparofan:

You're a brave man giving Dazzler some love! Try as I might I can't find a place in my heart for these books, and I found the Springer/Colletta team to be awful. But the covers always teased that something good might be lurking inside. Dazzler vs. Galactus! Dazzler vs. Doctor Doom! Or, my favorite, Dazzler powering up on Black Bolt's voice! But, for me, the stories inside just never lived up to the promise.


Mike Middleton said...

Yeah, I think nostalgia has clouded my perceptions of this book some. It definitely wasn't the best thing Marvel was putting out at the time.

Todd Franklin said...

I didn't know you were a Dazzler fan. I remember buying the first issue off the the spinner rack and I'm afraid that was the last issue I bought. Still, I do appreciate the disco cheese. It seems like Marvel jumped on the disco bandwagon a lot in the 70's.