Tuesday, April 06, 2010

1978 DC Calendar

I've decided to post some more pictures from my DC calendars from the late 1970's. The 1978 calendar has some fantastic art but there are two months that stand out for me. July featured a beautiful Curt Swan/Dan Adkins piece featuring the Man Of Steel.

And last but not least, this Jim Aparo Aquaman piece for April is one of my favorite pieces of art from him. It's just super.

I'll post some more pieces from this great calendar in the days ahead.


Ross said...

Great Blog you have here! Nice to see the Aparo love. That Aquaman calendar page is a real treat to see after all of these years.

I love Jim Aparo, especially his work on The Brave and the Bold, and I have started a blog featuring covers to imaginary issues using Aparo art - check it out:


Mike Middleton said...

Thanks for the comment Ross. I dig your imaginary B&B's. I definitely would have picked them up!