Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nick Cardy Teen Titans

When I think of early 70's DC, one of the artists that comes immediatley to mind is the great Nick Cardy. His unique style on titles such as Aquaman and the above Teen Titans proved very popular with the readers of the time. This particular cover from issue #28 cover dated July-August, 1970, is a perfect example of Cardy's brilliance. I was lucky enough to meet him a couple of times and he was extremely nice and I was able to get my two favorite Titans in my sketchbook.

I also bought this cool Titans print from him the second time I met him a few years ago at Heroes Con in Charlotte. I think Wonder Girl looks a lot like Margot Kidder.

Meeting him was a great experience and I'm thrilled to have this beautiful art in my collection.


The Groovy Agent said...

That Teen Titans pic is a masterpiece! Thanks for sharing these, Mike.

pete doree said...

That excellent Kid Flash pic reminds me of the story of a fan asking Nick for a pic of the teen speedster a few years ago at a con.
Cardy asked the fan to come back in half an hour, and when he did, Nick presented him with a sketch of some speed lines.
When the fan asked where Kid Flash was, Cardy replied: " He's gone! "
( Natch, the real pic was on the other side )

Mike Middleton said...

That's funny. He did something similar on mine. He drew speed lines and a couple of leaves flying around on the opposite page of my book.

pete doree said...

Obviously a 'running' gag for Mr. Cardy.......I'll get me coat.