Sunday, March 01, 2009

Wonder Woman #230

This issue of Wonder Woman from April, 1977 was one of the first comics I ever picked out on my own. My dad liked the TV show and got me watching it and I was familiar with the character from the Super Friends cartoon so I wanted to check out her book. I wasn't disappointed with this issue. Featuring a fantastic cover by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez and Vince Colletta, the inside story was a good one too. Writen by Martin Pasko and with art by Jose Delbo and Vince Colletta, the battle between WW and The Cheetah got me hooked on the book. I bought it regularly for the next year or so. My original copy of this is coverless due to massive amounts of re-reading so it was great to see the cover again.


dan said...

Really great layout with Cheetah ripping her nails (claws, really)through the Wonder Woman in the poster right in front of the real one.

Felicity Walker said...

I love Jose Delbo. I'd like to see how he draws Cheetah.