Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dutch James Bond

I've been in kind of a James Bond phase lately and I was perusing the
Grand Comic Book Database and found some very cool Dutch James Bond covers from the late '60's/early '70's. Unfortunately, there aren't any credits for these books but I dig the cool covers anyway. The early ones were based on the Sean Connery Bond while the later issues feature a more generic version of Ian Fleming's iconic character. They have this paperback book quality to them which I think is neat.

It always amazed me that there was never a successful Bond comic series in the US. The Dr. No issue of Showcase wasn't all that great and I guess DC didn't think it would work. That's too bad. I could imagine somebody like Carmine Infantino or Neal Adams doing Bond. That would have been something to see.


Matt @ B-Movie Blitzkrieg said...

Oh man I would have loved to have read these. I'm a Bond fan myself. Course I'm sure these were in Dutch. I'm a big enough geek without someone walking in on me and find me with a Comic in one hand and a Dutch to English Dictionary in the other.

Andreas said...

These covers are from the long-running Swedish (not Dutch) Bond comic book. I don't know where the covers came from, they may have appeared elsewhere originally.