Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Brave And The Bold #149

If ever one comic encapsulates my love of late 70's DC, it's The Brave And The Bold #149. It was cover dated April, 1979, which means it probably came out in late 1978. I remember the cover by the great Jim Aparo jumping out at me when I saw it at the local convenience store my dad bought comics for me at. I was already well aware of Aparo by this time but I think this particular cover cememted my love for his art. The good art continued on the inside, as evidenced by the splash page, which I was lucky enough to have Jim sign for me when I met him in 2002.

In addition to the typically fun Bob Haney story, there were a few other things in the book that my 8 year old self quite enjoyed. I always liked looking at the ads and my favorites were always the Hostess ads featuring my favorite super heroes. This particular issue had the iconic Curt Swan Superman saving a bunch of kids on a planetoid (?) from an ion storm. I can't believe ol' Supes turned down the yummy fruit pies!

About the time this issue came out, Superman The Movie was released in theaters. Like many a kid, I loved the movie and was excited to see all the cool stuff I could get relating to it.

Unfortunately I didn't get any of this stuff at the time but I did manage to get some of it through the intervening years. That Making Of Superman book is really cool. It's very in depth and one of my favorite books. I still need to find that calendar though. Another obsession for me at the time was Battlestar Galactica. I loved Star Wars and anything remotely related to space was cool in my book. I would have loved to have any of these "Galactical Shirts".

Last but not least, after the story ended we had the Brave And Bold mailbag and perhaps my favorite part of late 70's DC books, the Daily Planet, featuring previews of upcoming comics, the ever delightful Answer Man Bob Rozakis, and the awesome Fred Hembeck cartoons. This one is typical wacky Hembeck.

I always enjoy rereading these gems from my childhood. They always put a smile on my face!


Planet Mondo said...

I've got comic in my loft have you read the Super Sons collection - so of that time.

pete doree said...

B & B was one of the greatest comics ever. Am I right in thinking the Titans don't actually appear in costume in this one, or was that another team up?
Re: The Super Sons. I posted the best story from them on my blog a couple of days ago. Disagree with me if you dare!

Mike Middleton said...

They were in costume in this particular story but I seem to remember another team up where they weren't. I can't remember which one though. I enjoyed that Super Sons post the other day. It was definitely of the time.