Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Great Jim Aparo

As I found that a lot of my older posts I posted through Flickr didn't show up anymore, I thought I'd repost some of my art commissions I've ordered through the years. As I discovered the awesome blog The Jim Aparo Fan Club I decided to post my Aparo commisions again.

My wife ordered me the piece above back in 2000. It's my favorite piece of art in my collection. It epitomizes classic Aparo for me. I love that The Phantom Stranger was pencilled with just broad strokes of his pencil. I stare at it every day and am thrilled with it nine years later. In the next couple of years I also ordered some pencil drawings of classic Aparo DC heroes Aquaman and Green Arrow.

When I met Aparo in 2002, I was lucky enough to have him draw a quick Batman sketch in my sketchbook. It's pretty sloppy but I was thrilled to watch him draw.

Check out the aforementioned Aparo Fan Club blog for more fantastic examples of my all time favorite comic book artist.


M W Gallaher said...

Mike, that sketch of Batman, PS, and Spectre is really terrific! And since Aquaman doesn't really fit into that scene, it's great that you got a second--and third-- commission with his other major features! Great set! And thanks, of course, for the reference to my Aparo blog...I've got lots more good stuff to share with you and the many, many more Aparo fans out there, so let's us both keep up the good work!

Booksteve said...

My wife and I met Jim Aparo in what he said was his first Con ever. It was in Chicago around 1990. He was just sitting quietly sketching Wy with no one around him so we had a nice talk with him. seemed almost surprised that people cared or knew his work!

Todd Franklin said...

Aparo was such a great guy to meet and talk with. I'm glad to say that I had the opportunity to visit with him and watch him draw those quick Batman sketches that day in NY.