Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Showcase Presents The Brave And The Bold

I just picked up the new Showcase volume reprinting the pinnacle of the Bob Haney/Jim Aparo Brave And Bolds. This was my all time favorite book and I've had a complete run for several years but it's neat having it all in one package. This volume reprints issues #109-134 in beautiful black and white. Aparo's art looks really good in this format and the stories still hold up very well. There should be another couple of volumes to go to finish their entire run. I highly recommend these great stories.


The Groovy Agent said...

I've got about all the issues reprinted in that mammoth tpb, but I'm still jealous! Aparo looks so far-out in black and white!

Planet Mondo said...

Late 2007 Neal Admas was selling signed Showcases via his website - may be worth checking to see if there's any new ones listed..

M W Gallaher said...

After going so long without reprinting much of Jim's work at all, it's great to see most of the work from his peak period in print: the two Phantom Stranger Showcase volumes, the two B&B Showcase volumes, and The Wrath of the Spectre TPB. Now if we could get his run on Aquaman in print, today's readers would have a better idea of why his work is so beloved by us older fans.