Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jim Aparo 1978

I thought I'd share some of the great covers by my favorite artists during the year that I first started reading comics full bore. I had actually started collecting in 1977 but 78 was the first year I started getting them on a weekly basis. I figure I might as well start with the fantastic Jim Aparo. This great cover is from Adventure #459, September, 1978, one of the first Dollar comics I remember getting.

Jim drew every character great. He had tons of practice drawing The Brave And The Bold every month. This fantatic cover from #144, November 78 is indicative of the great work he did on this book for most of the 70's.

His other notable work at the time was the short lived Aquaman book, which only lasted about a year but it contained wonderful work. This issue, #62, June-July, 78, was one of my earliest comic purchases.

I could go on and on since Jim was one of the most profilic artists DC had in the 70's. I'll most some more of my favorite artists' best work from this seminal year in the near future.


The Groovy Agent said...

Those are magnificent. That Dollar Comic Adventure Comics is one of my all-time favorite mags. The cover, the was magical.

Glen Mullaly said...

Jim Aparo was one of my favourite DC only (at least during the time I collected in the late 70s and early 80s) artists. I got the feeling he wasn't a fan-favourite during that time though?

Mike Middleton said...

I don't think Jim was as appreciated then as he is now. I think people liked his work but he didn't have the widespread popularity of a Neal Adams or George Perez.

Dale said...

He wasnt a star in the mold of Neal Adams, Garcia-Lopez or even Curt Swan, but he was loved quietly my many fans and is now revered by many more.