Friday, October 10, 2008

Kubert And Romita

I was captivated by this fantastic video from the 2007 Baltimore Comic Con of two of the greatest comic book artists doing what they do best.

Both of these fantastic artists still have it and are emblematic of the companies they did most of their work for. Aside from perhaps Jack Kirby, Romita's work symbolized the Marvel look for much of the 60's and 70's. Twomorrows recently put out a fantastic book on Romita written by his fellow Bullpener Roy Thomas. I was lucky enough to get a sketch inside the book by the jazzy one himself. It's one of my favorite sketches.

There's also a new Kubert book coming book by comic book historian Bill Schelly. It looks great and promises to be one of the most comprehensive books yet on this legend. To pre-order, click here. If you enjoy great comic art and aren't familiar with these guys, you need to check them out. There aren't much better.


Todd Franklin said...

Two legends! I could watch these two comic book legends draw all day! Keep your fingers crossed that they'll have a special edition book with sketches by Joe.

joe bloke said...

wow. that Mary Jane sketch is awesome. John Romita always drew the very hottest chicks! some of the best comic art I've ever seen are all them beautiful old Marvel romance comic covers he drew. you know what? you've inspired me, matey. I'm back off over to me own blog to post up some Romita romance covers!!!

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