Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Classic What If?

I went to Kansas City's local comicon last weekend and picked up a cool trade paperback, Classic What If? Volume 4. It reminded me of how much I liked this series when I was a kid. It was always cool to speculate on the differences one little change in the story could affect the Marvel Universe. This issue, #14, was one of my favorites. The mere idea of Sgt. Fury fighting WWII in space was great. The trade paperbacks reprint most of the series and is highly recommended.


Todd Franklin said...

Good old What If? I'm sure those were a lot fun for the writers.

Rick said...

I use to love the old What If? series. However I never did buy this issue as it seemed silly as space travel wasn't invented then. But that was in our universe not the Marvel Universe so I guess it may have happened.