Thursday, November 15, 2007

Batman Family #12

One of my first exposures to my favorite artist Jim Aparo was this cover to Batman Family #12 from August, 1977. I was instantly impressed with his unique style. Unfortunately he didn't have any art on the inside. I enjoyed this issue anyway though. In addition to a Batgirl story and a cool Marshall Rogers drawn Man-Bat story, there was a cool Irv Novick drawn Robin story. This was probably my first exposure to another of my favorite artists growing up. Although I liked him better on The Flash, I thought Novick was a very good Bat artist, just not as good as Aparo. With cool books like this coming out at the time, it's no wonder I became a DC guy at a very young age.


Todd Franklin said...

Even tho I was a Marvel kid I always picked up Batman Family off the rack when I was a kid. It was my favorite Batman title!

rob! said...


thanks for the treasurycomics. plug!

btw, i have a whole blog collecting people's early comic book memories:

...i'd love to have one from you!

Jay Amabile said...


PaulDouglasCandelaria said...

It's cool to see a webpage dedicated to my favorite Brave And Bold Artist. I always looked forward to his interpretation of every DC character and I always felt he drew the best impact splash (as I call them) in the biz. You got the impression the recipient was totaled by the punch or whatever. He will be missed.

tomztoyz said...

Wow, this comic book cover brings back a lot of fond memories. As a kid I used to LOVE The Batman Family! I don't know why but I liked it more than the regular Batman titles. I also love Jim Aparo's artwork, amazing stuff!! Keep up the good work.


Thanx, Tommy