Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Limited Collectors' Edition #C-36

Definitely the most unique treasury comic is this great collection of Bible stories by the great Joe Kubert and Nestor Redondo. Edited by Kubert and the comic book adaptation by veteran DC editor Sheldon Mayer, this book was an exciting look at the, as the cover pointed out, most spectacular stories ever told. The unique Fillipino style of art like Redondo's was very prevalent in DC books of the '70's. I still have mixed feelings about the Fillipino artists. On the one hand, the art is very unique and dynamic. On the other hand, it's very different from the stuff I loved (and still love) at the time. Stuff like Jim Aparo's Batman and Curt Swan's Superman for example. Anyway, this treasury showcases the Filipino style in its 68 pages to quite good effect. It's a great book that any '70's DC lover should have.


Bible artist said...

Hi Mike
Love the blog!
I'm an ex comic artist turned Bible artist. (in the U.K.)
I managed to get a copy of this from the U.S.
Do you know if they ever did any more issues in the Bible series?
If you get chance, check out my pictures at:
I also have a blog on Bible illustration at:

Mike Middleton said...

They planned on making more issues but I believe Shelly Mayer, who wrote the adaptations, became ill and couldn't do it anymore so they stopped with the one issue, which was too bad because it was a great book. I really dig your art. I love the classic style. Keep up the good work!