Saturday, October 14, 2006

Go-Go #7

In my mind, comics changed for the better with the publication of this fairly standard romance comic from Charlton Comics in June, 1967. With the immortal tale, The Wild Life And Adventures Of Miss Bikini Luv, the great Jim Aparo got his start in the world of comics. This story was a far cry from the dynamic Batman and Aquaman stories he would later draw for DC Comics. In fact, you can't even recognize his distinctive style in this story. He used a very cartoony style which he would rarely use again in the future, as editor Dick Giordano moved him to adventure strips like The Phantom which was a much better fit for his style. This book also contained an early Denny O'Neal story, The Swingin' Saga Of Superella, which I'm sure he wants to forget. You've gotta love those '60's groovy romance comics!

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Todd Franklin said...

Miss Bikini Luv has to be one of the all time great character names!
Go-go girls are the best!