Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My Top Ten Artists

I'd like to share with everybody my all time favorite comic book artists.

1.) Jim Aparo: As I mentioned before, Aparo was one of the first artists I ever got into. I just loved his angular style that fit so well with Batman. I was also amazed at how well he drew other DC Universe characters. He drew practically everybody during his run on The Brave And The Bold. His Green Arrow and Aquaman were particularly great. He also was good on supernatural characters like The Spectre and The Phantom Stranger.

2.) Curt Swan: Swan was the definitive artist of my favorite character, Superman. His clean style and smooth lines really captured my attention growing up. He epitomized a whole era of comics for me.

3.) Russ Heath: I loved Heath's realistic style on the war books, especially that great run on Sgt. Rock in the early 70's. He is very versatile and can draw practically any genre. His Sea Devils were a thing of beauty.

4.) Joe Kubert: When you think of DC war comics, Kubert is the first name that comes to mind. A storyteller without compare, his unique style captured the grittiness of war perfectly. His Hawkman was awesome as well.

5.) John Buscema: My favorite Marvel artist. Buscema's strong, bold style was perfect for Conan The Barbarian. I also loved his work on Thor and The Avengers, although he hated drawing superheroes. A true giant of the Silver Age of Marvel.

6.) Dick Dillin: I really enjoyed his run on Justice League, which was one of my favorite comics growing up. He was a master at juggling all those characters every month. He also put in a long run on Blackhawk.

7.) Irv Novick: Another very versatile artist who had been around since the Golden Age. I discovered his work on The Flash in the late 70's. He was also a great war artist and his run on Batman in the early 70's was also exemplary.

8.) John Romita Sr.: Romita's run on Spider-Man in the 60's was the very best Marvel had to offer. His storytelling ability was outstanding. That and his clean, almost Swan-ish style helped make Spider-Man the best book Marvel was putting out at the time.

9.) Jack Burnley: My favortite Golden Age artist. His run on Starman was beautiful. He also drew the Superman newspaper strip and brought a new look to the character. He also drew my all time favorite cover, Superman #23.

10.) Jack Kirby: What can you say about the King of Comics? His dynamic storytelling and creative vision changed the world of comics for the better. His creative output will never be duplicated again.

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Todd Franklin said...

Glad to see Romita made the list, of course he's at the top of my list. All of those guys are masters!